About Us

Aauraminds (Trademark Name) simply means aura minds or minds with a bright glow.     Our logo explains the rest.

Sun is the source of energy and supports the life. Rising sun is the symbol of emerging wisdom. The noble deed of the Guru lifting the child into the world of wisdom results in an aura around them.

Aauraminds –  *Educate to emanate light*

Our story

Our humble beginning was in 2007 by establishing Mamma and Me Innovative Preschool and Daycare at Hitec city, Hyderabad. Inspired by the support received from our highly satisfied parent base we added more services like:

  • Aauraminds Innovative Preschools / Schools
  • Aauraminds Innovative Teacher Training Institutes
  • Aauraminds Educational Products & School Needs
  • Aauraminds Abroad Education Consultancy Services
  • Aauraminds Preschool Franchise Options etc

Aauraminds Innovative Preschools

The period from birth to 8 years of a child is known as Early Childhood period where 80% of a human’s brain development takes place. This is the period when children start to inquire, explore and discover the world around them. Aauraminds Innovative Preschool ensures children’s holistic development through a balanced program that takes care of their physical, social, intellectual , emotional  and spiritual developments. Quality preschool education provides a strong foundation for their life-long learning by arousing children’s curiosity and love of learning.

Aauraminds Innovative Schools

 As a continuation to our preschool education, Aauraminds  Innovative Schools  prepare children for their success in school and life. Using technology based innovative methods of education we instill love of learning in children at an young age.  Apart from educational excellence, they inculcate a strong mental and emotional foundation to face today’s competition in all walks of life. Our curriculum ensures development of cognitive skills, critical thinking, problem solving skills, values and attitudes to life in children making them happy, well balanced and confident children working for the betterment of our World.

Aauraminds Innovative Teacher Training Institutes

Today’s kids are different. They are multi-talented but with less attention span. Traditional methods of education may not be sufficient for them. To help develop a curious, positive and confident future generation we need teachers who are passionate, motivated, professionally trained and well equipped to form the very heart of the education process.  They should be well trained in all modern methods of teaching, multi-disciplinary approaches and technology in education. Aauraminds Innovative Teacher training equip our teachers as new age educators who can impart wholesome education, creating innovators in all walks of life.