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Aauraminds Innovative School is a school with a difference. We consider each child as unique and provide them opportunities for their total development. Through innovative methods of education we expose them to the world of knowledge and provide them platforms to recognize and build on their talents and skills. We appreciate imparting value education from a young age paving the way for a positive and happy young generation. Our motto is “Educate to Emanate Light.”  We work for kids’ success not only in school but in life also.

Our Vision

A happy young generation committed to build and sustain a positive, synergetic, constructive and vibrant world around them.

Our Mission

Work together with parents to bring about total development in children right from their formative years, provide them opportunities to develop individual capabilities, create strong family bonding and be aware of their social commitments. 

Why choose Auraminds...

Focuses on child's all round development

Stimulates their imagination, curiosity and love of learning

Ensures their success in school and life

Aauraminds… a school with a difference. For total development of your child.


Aauraminds was a big relief for me when I planned to move to my hometown! I was skeptical initially to find a good school there. Luckily, I found Aauraminds while browsing for one. I visited the school and met the Principal and the Director. Every single staffs were so affable making me choose Aauraminds Katakkada for my child's education. I have mostly seen educational institutions for kids that focus on business aspects instead of the child's future. But Aauraminds proved me wrong since they valued the overall development of the child instead. Their curriculum is child friendly and even the activities they do are amazing. The developments were tangible and convincing enough. Every child is treated equally irrespective of their financial background or ethnicity. Even for their school day, they ensured every child participated in at least three events. They successfully implemented it without making the kids endure but enjoy! But for our posting to a new location, I would have continued my daughter's education here itself. On the whole, I feel I did right by choosing Aauraminds over other schools.
Lakshmi Hari mother of Akshitha
Aauraminds has provided a safe and comfortable environment for my daughter to learn and develop. Teachers know their students personally and take efforts for each students needs. Academic learning and extracurricular activities goes hand in hand and it helps my daughter to be independent as per the needs of tomorrow. We are happy to be a part of Aauraminds's family.
Santhanu Father of Veda
Love, responsibility, reasoning and reaction should be the medium of learning when schools are nursing their inmates with the intention to create a better society. Kids should identify the meaning of success and failure not by the marks scored but by the experiences achieved in life. Aauraminds schooling can fulfill the dreams of our kids. Our son likes his school. So as us too. Best wishes for the Aauraminds family.
Dr. Anand father of Adhikeshav
Thanks Rajani from the bottom of my heart for shaping my son. I joined him in your school during his 1.8 years of age. You taught him good knowledge along with behavior including moral values. I am very happy the way he evolved and we all miss you a lot. Words are not enough for your teaching and caring. Once again thank you madam.
Anuradha mother of Gavanth